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This was such a good read I recommend this for everyone who has read this series to pick up this read and enjoy. You will not be disappointed.
   Orange Blossom
This shirt fit exactly how I wanted it too. No stains on the material. But I don't wear it a lot because I always feel like I will stain the white.
   Niels Kalkman
I have a 15 lb yorki mix- because of the mixed reviews on sizing I bought the large but I'm thinking the medium would have fit as well.  It's slightly baggy on him and he can wiggle out of it but he loves it and the hawks.  :-)
   Olga Arellano
My husband loves it. Very happy with the purchase!!!
   Maria Vasquez
Jersey Shore is probably the most entertaining show on television [definitely on MTV] even though it does not accurately represent Jersey in the least. I'm from the coast and what they portray are the typical 'benny's' that we have to deal with year after year.  But, still, I'm a fan and the DVDs are great to have. haha it's a good distraction from schoolwork smile
   Alexandra Xavier Visinho
GTL <3
   Gintarė Gedvilaitė

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