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How Many is now a maybe there is around 2100

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Jordynn Round : I bought a brown pair of the same style two weeks earlier for more than twice the price.  These are extremely well built and the most comfortable shoes anywhere.
Consensus Florendo : My grandson is helping his Gram with the yard work.
Wafi El Hamel : Fit as I expected and arrived on time.
Kayra Quiroga : Great fit - definitely order a size up if your muscular or have wide shoulders.  I went with the 2X as I'm familiar with Asian manufacturer's sizing.  Would have given them 5 stars but the reversed zipper design (as others have mentioned) is somewhat awkward.  Colors are sharp and the fabric is definitely of higher quality and I expected in this low cost jersey.  Will have to see how they hold up in "cold" wash over time .... Thanks Sponeed for a nice jersey at a great price!
Lyka Samonte : Really a nice shirt but runs very small. I like loose fit t-shirts so I usually wear a large for that loose fit but ordered this shirt in XL and it was still way too tight for my taste. It fit skin tight...I am 38 bust and 29 waist. It is a Spandex type fit. Women to like to show off their figure may love the tightness of this shirt.

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